General Guidelines

Once you have gotten a drive copied, you are a member of the APC Drive Project. We ask a few simple things as part of your membership in the community:

  1. Live archive projects such as this one are only successful if kept up-to-date. By getting a drive, you agree to keep in touch, download updates, and keep your drive current. You should also be willing to be added to the distribution tree to copy drives for collectors in your region.
  2. Please refrain from torrenting shows on the Drive. Tapers often donate shows to the Project with the hope that they not be torrented and we would like to respect those wishes. If someone is requesting APC shows, you could point them to our forum and project instead! The Drive will periodically torrent certain shows to bring new collectors to the community. We will post updates before doing so, so that members can help seed (and help their ratio at Dime A Dozen. A win-win!).
  3. Do NOT rename any shows or edit the files in any way. If you want to tag shows or otherwise modify them, please make copies and move them elsewhere on your computer. The project depends on the integrity of the files, and all md5 checksums must pass for updates to happen.
  4. Be excellent to each other.


Submission Guidelines

This project could not have gotten underway without the hard work from tapers and collectors, and cannot hope to survive into the future without the same. If you have taped A Perfect Circle or have collected shows which are not currently on the APC Drive, we highly encourage you to “donate” them for inclusion. New shows and generational upgrades are equally welcome. Here is what we ask if you would like to contribute to the project:

  1. You must be allowed to share the show with us. If you are not the taper, make sure that the original taper did not mark the show as "NFT" (Not For Trade). We have no desire to breed bad blood in the community.
  2. Include all information you have for the show. We need not only information about the source (what equipment was used), but also how it was transferred (which will help establish generation). Don’t worry if the original info file is a mess – as long as the information is there somewhere, that’s good enough.
  3. To help avoid problems with corrupted up/downloads, please create an .md5 checksum file before uploading a show. This way we can verify that the transfer was successful. "Trader’s Little Helper", an essential free program for this hobby, has an easy-to-use .md5 creator.
  4. The easiest way to add shows to the drive is to create a .zip or .rar archive of the entire folder and then uploading it at a file hosting site. We recommend Then send us the link and, provided everything went well, it will be made available with the next update.
2011. Copyright APC Drive Project
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